Natural Gas service customers can now switch to XOOM Energy

Resident choose their own Maryland gas company. You choose your own natural gas provider for your home.

Just get one of your current natural gas bills ready and you can switch in minutes!
  • Takes less than 3 minutes
  • Entire process can be done online
  • Simple terms in plain english
  • Compare and see what you can save! *
  • Simply choose a new rate now! >>

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* Saving money for the things that matter most!

When you are running a family budget, Maryland residents know the difference even a few dollars can make. Your family budget is something you need to plan for this week, next month and into the coming years. Your natural gas company utility bill represenst one of the most common expenses in a family budget. Being able to save a little every month can mean saving hundreds of dollars over years of natural gas bills in your home.

Licensed: Baltimore Gas Company, Columbia Gas Company, Germantown Gas Company, Silver Spring Gas Company, Waldorf Gas Company, Glen Burnie Gas Company, Ellicott City Gas Company, Frederick Gas Company, Dundalk Gas Company, Rockville Gas Company.

Serving all of Maryland.

Variable energy products like SimpleFlex & BizChoice mean:

A variable rate plan like our SimpleFlex and BizChoice options allow you to purchase your natural gas or electricity at market-based prices that may change from month to month. While a variable rate is subject to monthly price increases or decreases, it may help you realize the lowest possible cost in the market. However, it also exposes you to possible price increases, and, unlike a fixed rate, a variable rate does not protect you against price volatility. This may be higher or lower than the utility rate.

A variable rate plan gives you the flexibility you want!
• No long-term commitment or cost recovery fee
Upgrade your plan at any time

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Maryland Gas Providers for home and business
A fixed energy product like BizLock & SureLock:

A fixed rate plan like our BixLock and SureLock provide you with stability and peace of mind. Utility rates are variable rates that can change periodically. A fixed rate product may be higher or lower than utility rates, but, unlike utility rates, a fixed rate product will not change during the life of your contract. You are protected against unexpected and costly price increases and have greater control over the cost of your energy.

Protect yourself from the uncertainty that you've come to expect with energy bills. Check out the business natural gas rates in Maryland in real time on our website here:

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A 3 minute gas service switch option
quotes See what our customers are saying
  • ...what math ...? since the rate I saw was lower, my bill was lower. I too was told to got their site, saw the rate, looked at my bill, saw the rate.
  • I have been waiting for the ability to choose in my state, and it finally got here. Choice always makes things better for the buyer.
  • Numbers don't lie! I have a lower rate than I did when I was forced who to send my checks to.